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Home of the Airwave Gazebo

Garden & Camping - leading UK retailer of waterproof pop up gazebos for personal and commercial use

With a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and vibrant colours, we’ve got a gazebo to suit all types of outdoor events and uses. From compact 2 x 2m models to impressively spacious 3 x 6m options, vibrant tones to classic hues, there’s truly something for everyone at Garden & Camping.

The Airwave gazebo is known for its great quality, budget-friendly price, and easy assembly process. No need to spend hours assembling fiddly poles with our gazebos, simply pop up and you’re ready to go.

There's no doubt that this a superb all-season product for protection from wet weather as well as shade from the sun. A natural gathering spot for your outdoor party, our gazebo range keeps you and your guests well covered so that you can relax and enjoy the festivities all day.

Beginning many years ago with our very first and much loved Airwave gazebo, our collection has grown and evolved to include our newest offering – the Airwave Four Seasons range. A collection of luxury gazebos at affordable prices, our latest line includes options for both personal and commercial use and is a cut above the competition.

The Airwave Gazebo Family

The Original Gazebo

The Four Seasons Premium Gazebo

The Four Seasons Elite Gazebo

The Four Seasons Ultimate Gazebo

The Four Seasons Commercial Gazebo

The Four Seasons Commercial Plus Gazebo


Season-Proof Pop Up Gazebos


Our waterproof canopies range from 170g to 300g in thickness and we have a whole host of frame varieties, from strong powder-coated steel to lightweight aluminium and even hex-shaped pole structures. It’s the little extras that make the Airwave gazebo stand out from the crowd, including touches such as anti-puddling eyelets, supportive wind bars, and tape sealed seams to name but a few. Many of these fantastic features come included free with the gazebo, giving you even better value for money.

Quick and easy set up for our pop-up gazebos

Quick and East Set Up

Time is precious, so why overcomplicate things? That was our philosophy here at Garden & Camping when we brought our gazebo to the market. The Airwave gazebo is quick and easy to erect as well as collapse thanks to the handy pop up mechanism. In fact, the whole process can be done in just a few minutes with two pairs of hands; it’s that straightforward and efficient. Less time prepping your gazebo means more time having fun with your guests – that’s why we say let the good times roll.

Gazebo material is strong and soft to touch

Eye-Catching Design with a Luxurious Feel

Not just robust and reliable, our pop up gazebos are treats for the eyes. Guaranteed to turn heads with their striking design, beautiful silhouettes, and luxuriously thick canopies, our gazebos are premium quality at a great price. These outdoor shelters aren’t the cheap, plastic looking models you’ve seen and felt out there – they’re next level sophistication. Take care of your Airwave gazebo and it will take care of you through many years of al fresco celebrations.