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Airwave Gazebo Black 3x3 - 65 x 63px

"...I was lucky enough to grab this when it was £56. I needed a cheap, waterproof gazebo to cover me when doing woodwork on the patio. This one does the job perfectly. It's kept me, my tools and my work completely dry during some pretty heavy downpours. The side walls attach in seconds using velcro.
Although two people would be ideal, assembly is easy and can be done on your own in under 10 minutes. Packing it down is just as straightforward and with a little patience, it fits snugly back in the bag.
I sourced some weights which slide over the feet to keep it stable in windy conditions. The gazebo is lightweight so I recommend some kind of weights, if like me, you're using it on a hard surface where guy ropes are not practical."

Airwave 2x2m Pop-Up Gazebo, Green
By Jim K, (03/04/2018)

Airwave Gazebo Green 3x3 - 65 x 63px

"...Absolutely fabulous. We've had a few pop-up gazebos in the past and this is by far the best. Strong frame although still reasonably light for the size. Well made cover and loving the bright red colour. Customer service was great and fast response when I had a problem very helpful. Couldn't be more pleased 10 out of 10."

Airwave 4.5x3m Pop-Up Gazebo, Green
By Sarabecca, (14/06/2018)

Airwave Gazebo White 3x3 - 212 x 212px

"...Perfect for anybody"

Airwave 3x3m Pop-Up Gazebo, White
By Greg, (22/05/2010)

I would recommend to anybody looking for a gazebo. As advertised, the product is completly waterproof. My wife and I who are both in our 80's can easily put this up between us.



Airwave 3x3m Pop-Up Gazebo, Blue
By M.Reynolds, (14/11/2010)

We bought this for a wedding at home and needed some waterproof outdoor space. I'd seen other gazebos that seemed hard to put up so a Pop-Up Gazebo appeared to be ideal. I was very impressed by ESC Ltd's reasonable price and service as well as the quality of the product. The heavy-duty canvas is extremely waterproof.

Airwave 3x3 Gazebo Blue
Airwave 3x3 Gazebo - Canopy only

"...A great product"

Airwave 3x3m Pop-Up Gazebo, with Canopy, Green
By Emma Jones, (13/12/2014)

Worth every penny. One person can genuinely put this up in minutes!

Airwave 4.5x3 Gazebo - Green

"...Bought for Special Occasion"

Airwave 4.5mx3m Pop Up Gazebo, Green
By Angela Matthews, (24/05/2011)

I bought this in case it rained when we were celebrating something special in Ireland. All four seasons appeared at some point in the day and the Gazebo worked perfectly. It was 100% waterproof and we have used it twice so far. Two of us put it up within minutes. I can see us having lots of BBQs during the summer with this. Highly recommend.

Airwave 4x3 Party Tent - White

"...Amazing value"

Airwave 4x3m Party Tent Gazebo Marquee, White,
By Gaz, (08/04/2014)

I was rather sceptical about ordering but I needn't have worried. The Gazebo was delivered quickly and was easy to put up with just two people. It rained heavily the night before the party but the gazebo was waterproof as well as nice and big so it fit everyone in! It came packaged neatly with no parts missing. It's cheaper than hiring for a one-off party.

Airwave Gazebo Black 3x3 - 65 x 63px

"...amazed by it"

Airwave 2.5 x 2.5m Pop-Up Gazebo, White
By ann j annand, (26/07/2016)

I recently bought a 2.5 mtr gazebo for our golden wedding. As the weather was drizzle but very humid we could not have managed without your FULLY WATERPROOF gazebo. All our friends were amazed by it, although I have to say it took a wee while to erect!

Airwave Gazebo Blue 3x3 - 65 x 63px

"...quality to a high standard"

Airwave 3x3m Pop-Up Gazebo, Blue
By Maggie Martin, (26/07/2016)

My pop up white gazebo arrived today. Very quick delivery and very easy to put up. The quality to a high standard. Thank you for a your service.

Airwave Gazebo White 3x3 - 212 x 212px

"...I cannot fault the products"

Airwave 3x3m Pop-Up Gazebo, White
by Mike Heeney (27/08/2016)

Hi, way back in June 2014 I purchased a 3mtr x 3mtr pop up gazebo. It was erected at the end of June and taken down in September. It survived wind rain and whatever was thrown at it by the weather. It has now been up every year since on the same dates until now which is its third year. It survived the recent gales, 32 degrees of sun and still it soldiers on. I can see that it will be with us in 2017 for the 4th year. And it never let in rain. I cannot fault the products at all and are highly recommended to anyone.


"...such good service"

Airwave 2.5x2.5m Pop-Up Gazebo, Cream
By D.Kingswell, (10/11/2016)

Dear Garden and Camping Staff, I am seldom at a loss for something to say - but here I am absolutely stunned! I ordered this Gazebo from you just after lunch yesterday, Wednesday 9 Nov - and was told it would take two to five working days to arrive. Not a problem to me, so I settled back to wait for it - only to have it delivered by Yodel at 2.30 pm today, Thursday. I haven’t had time to open the package yet - but I just wanted to say that such good service is not a commonplace thing nowadays - so a huge thank you to you and all your staff - very much appreciated service, indeed.

Airwave 2.5 x 2.5m Gazebo - Cream
Airwave Pop-Up Gazebo Red 2.5x2.5m - 212 x 212px

"...An excellent item… well worth the money"

Airwave 2.5x2.5m Pop-Up Gazebo, Red
By Danny, (12/07/2017)

An excellent item, robust, bright, easy to erect, roomy, great storage bag, a welcome addition to our property and well worth the money.