Party Tents

Top provider of Party Tents

With a wide variety of shapes, sizes and vibrant colours, we’ve got party tents to suit all types of outdoor events.

Easy to put together, simply pop up, no more assembling poles!

Season-proof pop-up gazebos

Our Party Tents are great all season products for protection from wet weather as well as shade from the sun. We use 120g PU coated waterproof polyester fabric with all seams taped sealed, as used in camping tent manufacture. Anti-puddling eyelets help to prevent damage from weight of any excess water build-up.

Wind resistant Party Tents to withstand the strongest of winds

Supplied with Airwave® Party Tent WindBars®, our Party Tents are sturdy so you and your guests will stay clean and dry whatever the season!

Perfect for all big and small occasions

A great range that's perfect for gatherings and other large outdoor special occasions such as weddings, parties or charity events. Available in a wide variety of vibrant colours to suit the occasion.