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Angled Front View of Airwave 9x3 White Party Tent with Door Rolled Up

Airwave® 9x3 Metre White Party Tent

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Angled Front View of Airwave 9x3 Beige Party Tent with Door Rolled Up

Airwave® 9x3 Metre Beige Party Tent

Airwave® 9x3 Metre Red Party Tent

Liven up your party with our 9x3 red party tent. The tent’s impressive size is great for larger parties, providing shelter for all of your guests. 

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Key Features:

    • Eight side panels that are easy to attach and detach with Velcro tabs
    • Six church style window panels to keep the inside bright and airy
    • A roll up door with two full length zippers to create an easy entrance/exit
    • Durable powder coated steel tube frame and nylon connectors
    • Extendable tapered pole flaps act as wind breaks and provide extra stability
    • Water resistant canopy to ensure that rain won’t stop the fun
    • One year warranty on any manufacturing faults
    • Best suited for short term use
    • Suitable to be erected on both soft and hard ground
    • Lightweight packaging
    • Red canopy and side panels create a cheerful ambience
    • Extra secure and rigid thanks to three unique WindBars® attachable to the frame
    • Generous size – ideal for larger events


Bright and brilliant, this 9x3 red party tent invites inspiration to your event. The tent’s fantastic size and fun colour sparks the imagination and is great for themed events and children’s parties. Bringing that extra special something to your event, this tent is a must-have for making your party stand out from the crowd.

With side panels that are easy to attach and detach using Velcro tabs, you can utilise this tent in the way that best suits you and make it individual to your event. It also means that you can set up a quick shelter from the wind and rain in seconds!

With the help of a few friends, this tent is straightforward to assemble. To set it up, simply slot the poles together and attach to the nylon connectors to create the frame. Once the frame is set up, cover with the canopy and your tent is ready.

If you're not sure on which party tent is best for you, take a look at our handy party tent guide.


Please ensure this shelter is strongly secured and not left unattended. Please do not leave the tent up overnight or throughout extreme weather conditions. We cannot be held responsible for any damage that occurs due to long term/overnight use or adverse weather.

  • Main frame – 32mm diameter powder coated steel
  • Canopy material – Red 120g PU
  • Dimensions – 9 x 3 x 2.5m to the peak
  • Side opening head height – 2m (6ft 6”)
  • Roof struts – 25mm diameter
  • Packaging dimensions – 112 x 27 x 31cm
  • Gross weight – 28kg

Box includes Airwave 9x3 party tent frame, red canopy, 3 x Airwave WindBars, 8 x side panels, guy ropes, pegs, and instructions.


Please do not leave your party tent out overnight, for long periods of time or during bad weather conditions. Our party tents can withstand light wind and rain when anchored securely and are designed for short term use. Any damage that occurs as a result of long term use or bad weather will not be covered under the warranty and will not be compensated.