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Parasol Frequently Asked Questions

Can you replace a parasol cover?

The short answer to this question is a resounding yes. The most important aspect when replacing a parasol cover is to ensure that you have chosen one which will fit your parasol frame. Banana cantilever and straight parasols have different shapes and therefore need their own covers.

How to put a cover on a cantilever parasol?

To put a cover on your cantilever parasol, simply slide the ripstop cantilever parasol cover over the top of your folded cantilever parasol, gently pulling it down to cover the parasol completely. Then, securely tighten the bottom of the cover around your parasol using the adjustable hem cord.

How to measure a parasol cover?

To measure the parasol cover size, you will need to measure the span of your parasol, that is the distance from one edge of the fully extended parasol to the other. The easiest method is to measure from the outer edge to the centre pole and then double this measurement.

How to put the weights on parasol?

Solid parasol weights are made with cast iron or other similar heavy metals, or filled parasol weights can be filled at home with sand or water. Wider bases are available for cantilever parasols. Simply put the weight in place, fill with water or sand, then insert your parasol, securing with the bolts provided.

What weight parasol base do I need?

The weight for your parasol base will depend upon the type of parasol. Smaller parasols which go through the middle of a table will require a lighter base of between 15-25kgs depending upon position and size. Bases for parasols that stand behind furniture will start from 25kgs and increase depending upon size and exposure.

What weight base for cantilever parasol?

The weight required for a cantilever parasol depends upon how exposed it is to the wind, as well as the size of the parasol. The weight required will start from approximately 25kgs for a small parasol in a sheltered position going up to over 70kgs for a 2m parasol that is exposed.

How to assemble a cantilever parasol?

Most parts slot together and secure with hex bolts or screw locks. Start with the base cross-pieces, then bolt on the base pole. Attach the sides and corners and stabilise the base with slabs, sandbags or ground bolts. Fit the base cover and slide the tube rim onto the pole, followed by the umbrella assembly..

What weight base for 2.7 m parasol?

A 2.7m parasol will require a minimum base weight of 40kg if it is placed in a sheltered position, such as a quiet corner that does not have significant wind exposure. This can double or more if the parasol is exposed to wind and potential bumps from pets, children or furniture being moved.

How does a cantilever parasol work?

TA cantilever parasol hangs from a beam extending sideways from the supporting post. Base weights or ground bolts keep it balanced. The beam and post are connected by two hinges. You can adjust these to alter the height and orientation of the parasol, and a hand crank opens and closes the parasol.

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