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Childrens Garden & Outdoor Play Equipment

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  1. Trampoline Cover - 8ft, 10ft & 12ft
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Active Fun for Your Child with Outdoor Play Equipment

Getting your little ones to stay active and healthy by playing outside has never been easier than with the outdoor play range from Garden & Camping.

We strongly believe that children can have fun whilst also getting lots of exercise at the same time. Our childrens outdoor play equipment lets them do just that; get outdoors, run around, and just enjoy themselves, all whilst benefiting from the health and social benefits of active playtime.

Suitable for a range of ages, our garden swing sets and wooden garden play equipment offer plenty of varied and exciting play opportunities for your little ones, siblings, and their friends. From swing sets that grow with your child to multi-play centres with room for several children at once, there’s something to suit even the fussiest of adventurers!

Develop Your Child's Skills Thanks to Outdoor Playsets

The bright and eye-catching colours of our fun outdoor playsets are great for sensory stimulation and work well with the natural surroundings of your outdoor space. Every piece available in our outdoor play range is constructed from hard-wearing, tough, and durable materials for absolute safety at all times.

Outdoor play has such a positive impact for your little ones and is extremely important for their development. Aside from the physical advantages of getting exercise during outdoor play, some of the many developmental benefits include:

-          Spatial learning

-          Balance and coordination

-          Strength and motor skills

-          Confidence

-          Creativity

-          Exploration

-          Independence

-          Social interaction and teamwork

For quality kids outdoor play equipment at competitive prices, it has to be the Garden & Camping outdoor play range. Starting from just £49.99, our garden swing sets are very affordable and come with features such as gliders and slides for a wide choice of play options.