MSpa Silver Cloud Lite 4/6 Seater Inflatable Hot Tub - M-021LS

Inflatable spa that heats up to 42 degrees and has powerful jets, perfect for all year round.

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As reviewed on ITV's How To Spend It Well (June 2018)!

'newest affordable innovation - the inflatable hot tub'

'use air jets which give a more soothing sensation'

'I was surprised at how good the jets were'

Featuring a classic round shape, this modern Silver Cloud M-Spa is perfect for lazy spa days whatever the weather. Enjoy the warm, tropic-feel water that this inflatable hot tub can heat up. The powerful, innovative air jets will provide you and your guests with a relaxing bubbling massage. With a premium PVC silver interior liner and a thick charcoal grey cover, this high quality spa coordinates well with a wide variety of garden decors. The LITE control panel offers easy operation and an instruction DVD and owner's manual is included to help you with set up. Now all that's left to do is kick back and relax.

More Information
Vat Exempt No
  • Holds 4-6 people
  • Rhino-Tech™ 6-layer reinforced PVC cover
  • Water Capacity: 930L (245Gal) when filled to the MAX water level mark
  • PTC Heating technology
  • Heat Increasing Rate: 12-18 degrees Celsius per hour
  • Dimensions: 2.04 x 0.70mH (80" x 28" H)
  • Water Capacity: 930Ltr (245 Gal)
  • Net Weight: 26kg (57.2 Lbs)
  • Air Jet: 138

Where and on what kind of surfaces can the Spa be safely set up?

The Spa can be installed indoors or outdoors. The surface for set up should be level, flat, smooth and free of sharp objects. There should be an adequate drainage system nearby as well as the ground being capable of supporting the maximum load of the filled Spa with four adult occupants, which is roughly 2,500 lbs (1,136kg). Use the included ground cloth to protect the Spa floor and prevent water heat loss.

How do I know my M-Spa is properly inflated?

Inflate the Spa wall until it is firm to the touch and then attach the pressure gauge to the air valve. The pressure gauge indicator should be in the green area for a properly inflated Spa. Pay attention to air temperature variation as in cold weather the Spa will lose some pressure due to air contracting. If this occurs, do not add air because the air inside will expand again once the temperature rises. Also check the air pressure in hot weather as if the pressure gauage indicator is in the red area (indicating overpressure) you’ll need to let some air out so the Spa wall or inflatable cover air bladder does fall.

Can I use other inflation pumps to inflate my spa?

You can but it is not recommended. Do not use a high pressure air compressor to inflate. Depending on the model of your Spa, the air bubble Spa control base comes with a built-in inflation system that allows proper inflation of your Spa. We highly recommend using the Spa’s own inflation system for inflation.

What should I do if my Spa tub or Spa cover air bladder does not hold air?

Ensure that the air valve is firmly secured and properly closed (consult manual for proper air valve operation). Use the back of your hand to feel for leakage on the Spa tub or cover air bladder. If no leakage is located, you can also put liquid soap in a squirt bottle and spray it onto the seams and around the valve base. If there is a leak it will create bubbles revealing the air leak. After the leakage is located, repair it with a repair patch or repair kit that you can buy from a local service centre.

To what level should I fill my Spa tub to? What is the water depth at the MAX recommended Spa water?

Water should be filled between the MIN and MAX level marked on the inside of the spa wall. The MAX water depth of the spa is approximately 20” (52cm).

What is the Spa operating minimum and maximum water temperature?

The Spa operates within water temperatures of 4-42 degrees. The water in the Spa should never exceed 42 degrees. If the temperature of the water exiting the heater unit is higher than 55 degrees, then the overheating alarm will be activated displaying code “SPH/E0” and the Spa control unit will stop working. To solve this problem, unplug and plug back in the GFCI/RCD and test the GFCI/RCD to restart the system. When the water has cooled down to 42 degrees, reset the control panel information by pressing the RESET button located on the Spa control base lower side. See the owner’s manual for more details.

How long will it take to warm the Spa water?

The water temperature raises 1.2-2.5 degrees per hour. As with any large volume of water, it will take time to heat it up. Be aware that the initial heating after filling may take as long as 10 hours to reach the maximum temperature depending on the starting temperature of your fill-water and external conditions. The following conditions will lead to slow water heating: The ambient temperature is lower than 10 degrees, outdoor Wind Speed is above 8-12mph, the air bubble function is activated when heating the Spa water and the Spa is not properly covered with the cover when the water is heating.

Can I add chemicals into the Spa water? How do I do it?

Yes, adding sanitizer and other chemicals are neccessary to control bacteria and viruses present in the Spa water. Contact your local pool/Spa professional for chemicals, sanitizers, test kits and water testing procedures. Never let chlorine come in contact with the Spa tub if it is not completely dissolved, ensure that you mix it immediately and throroughly with the Spa water. Press the button on the Spa control panel to turn on the bubble air blower and help dissolve the chemicals into the water. When adding the chemicals to the Spa, thoroughly dissolve each chemical before adding another one to the water. Always add chemicals to water, never water to chemicals. Never mix chemicals together and always follow the chemical manufacturer’s directions. Once the chlorine is dissolved and after a few hours, use the M-Spa 3-in-1 water test strip to test the PH level of the water– it should be somewhere around 7.0-7.6.

Can I fill the Spa with hot water?

You may use heated water to fill the Spa, which will shorten the initial heat-up time. However, make sure not to use water exceeding the normal Spa operating temperatures (not above 40 degrees). Water too hot will turn off the heating unit and is not considered safe. Always check the water temperature in your Spa before use and refer to the manual for detailed safety information.

How often should the Spa water be changed/How often should I clean the filter cartridge?

Different territories have different recommendations for filter cartridges. In the U.S. and Canada it is recommended to inspect and clean the filter cartridge once a week, changing the filter cartridge as needed. Internationally, it is recommended to inspect and clean the filter cartridge every day and change the filter cartridge as needed.

The Spa keeps tripping the household fuse breaker. What do I do?

Test whether the GFCI/RCD/PRCD is faulty or not, following the instructions in the manual. If the GFCI/RCD/PRCD is good, then the tripping might be an indication that the circuit is overloaded. You should either remove all other appliances plugged into that circuit or use another circuit dedicated only to the Spa. If this does not correct the tripping problem contact a qualified electrician.

What is the power requirement for my Spa?

A dedicated grounded electrical outlet rated 110-120V 60Hz and 15 Ampere (USA/Canada) A dedicated grounded electrical outlet rated 220-240V 50Hz and 10-16 Ampere. (International).

Why does the temperature displayed on the control panel differ from the actual water temperature?

The tolerance of water temperature regulating devices may vary as much as +/-2degrees. Measure the water temperature with an accurate thermometer before entering the Spa.

After Care:

What should I use to clean my Spa?

Use a sponge and mild soap solution to wipe away any dirt or stains on the inside of the Spa wall. Rinse thoroughly before refilling with clean water.

How do I store my Spa?

Drain and clean the Spa by following the “Drainage” and “Spa Cleaning” sections. Use the set up instructions to deflate and disassemble the Spa tub, Spa control unit and air bladder. Make sure all the Spa components and accessories are thoroughly clean and dry before storage. Air-dry the Spa tub in the mild sun for an hour before folding. Fold loosely and avoid any sharp corners to prevent damage or leakage to the Spa liner. Prepare a new additional cartridge for next time use. Store the Spa and accessories in a dry, temperature controlled (between 0 and 40 degrees) storage location. Original packaging is recommended to be used for storage.

Why is the Spa water not warming up?

First make sure you have given it enough time to heat up considering that water temperature rises at a rate of 1-1.5 degrees per hour. Next check and make sure the heater is activated with the “flame” icon on the control panel lit. The following conditions will lead to slow water heating: The ambient temperature is lower than 10 degrees, outdoor Wind Speed is above 8-12mph, the air bubble function is activated when heating the Spa water and the Spa is not properly covered with the cover when the water is heating.

Can I use other brand of filter cartridge for the Spa?

No, the filter cartridge made by other manufacturers might not fit or function properly.

How to clean and replace the filter cartridge?

Unscrew the cartridge housing assembly from the Spa tub wall and remove the filter cartridge from the housing.

Use a garden hose to rinse off the cartridge. If the cartridge remains dirty and discoloured then it should be replaced. It is wise to keep spare cartridges to hand.

Place the clean cartridge back into the cartridge housing and reinstall the cartridge housing assembly back onto the Spa tub wall.

Can I set up my M-Spa on grass, sand or dirt? If not, why?

No, do not set up the Spa on grass, sand, or dirt, as this increases he amount of debris entering the Spa. Certain types of grass may grow through the Spa tub floor causing leaking and damage.