Gazebo Spares

Gazebo Spares & Replacement Parts for Airwave Pop Up Gazebos

Airwave pop up gazebos are renowned for  their quality look and feel, providing a stylish, weatherproof, and intimate space for many different events and occasions.

Beloved by thousands of customers across the UK and beyond, these stylish outdoor shelters are superb quality and built to last. There may come a time, however, when one of the gazebo parts or accessories eventually wears out. Instead of investing in a brand new gazebo, why not save money and purchase a replacement part?

From replacement feet to legs, sides, and frames, our spares range offers everything that you need to get your favourite pop up shelter set back up as quickly as possible. You’ll find gazebo spare parts for all of the different colour and size variations of our Original range.

Our spare parts & gazebo accessories also make great backups, even if you don’t have anything that needs immediately replacing. It’s always good to be prepared, especially if you are going away with your gazebo and you are planning on getting lots of use out of it.

Available parts includes:

-          Centre cross section

-          Centre moulding

-          Main, corner, and middle leg

-          Roof strut

-          Scissor side section

-          Side wall (with and without window)

-          Foot

-          Frame

-          Canopy only

-          Wind bar