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  1. Homelands Wigwam Kids Teepee Tent
    Homelands Wigwam Kids Teepee Tent
    List Price £109.99 Our Price £69.99 Save £40.00
  2. Latitude Wigwam Kids Teepee Tent
    Latitude Wigwam Kids Teepee Tent
    List Price £99.99 Our Price £59.99 Save £40.00
  3. Angled Front View of Sandbanks Blue Kids Teepee with Child drawing inside
    Sandbanks Wigwam Kids Teepee Tent
      Our Price £8.99  

3 Items

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Give Your Children Their Own Magical Space with Our Beautiful Kids Teepee Tents


Children are bursting with imagination, so what better way to let them discover the boundless limits of their creativity than with a beautifully crafted and designed wigwam tent?


Garden & Camping are proud to present our stunning Homelands and Latitude kids teepees, elegant and contemporary play dens where your special little one will love to spend all of their time. These beautiful tents feature sturdy wooden poles and a soft, 100% natural cotton canvas for a durable yet delicately exquisite finish. Our wigwams are really easy to put together and take down again, ideal for optimum space saving. We’ve purposely chosen neutral colours to fit in effortlessly with your decor, however, this also gives your little ones the opportunity to customise their teepee and really make it their own.


There’s so much that these incredible kids teepees can provide; these charming tents give your little ones a safe and creative area for their imaginations to flourish and can simultaneously offer a safe and secure sensory place for children with special needs. The fresh canvas is also wonderfully calming for when your children want a little quiet time to relax, read, or hide.


The Homelands and Latitude teepees are perfect for:

- Nurseries

- Day care facilities

- Playrooms

- Bedrooms


On sunny and dry days, bring the teepee out into the garden to encourage your little ones to get more fresh air and engage in active outdoor play. If the weather is good, why not bring the tent along to picnics so that the kids are entertained and the adults can relax! Our childrens wigwams are truly special and make wonderful gifts for birthdays, Christmas, Christenings, and more. Make every moment of their childhood extra special with a kids teepee tent from Garden & Camping.