Before you buy

Why buy a spa?

There’s nothing better than relaxing after a tiring day and kicking back in a soothing, bubbling Spa will help you do just that. It’s somewhere you can socialise with family and friends or take some blissful downtime of your own to unwind.

You can laze in the Spa whatever the weather too as it’s best advised to use under shelter. Bring the feeling of luxury into your home and turn on the air blower to be pampered by the massaging jets. Or, why not throw a garden party where your guests can take a refreshing dip while enjoying an ice cold beverage?

Why buy an inflatable model?

Key benefits to having an inflatable model are that they are easy to set up and maintain, very affordable, comfortable to use and portable too. The best Spas are made from high quality materials making them sturdy and enabling you to heat the water up to 42 degrees. To set up, the process is as easy as inflating the Spa with the inflation device provided, connect it to the pump heater, fill with water and heat the water to your favoured temperature. Then the heater will switch off and only come on again to get back up to the set temperature. If you leave your Spa on to maintain the heat, the estimated increase to your electricity bill will be up to £10 per week.

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Health benefits

With regular Spa use, the massaging jets will help to stimulate your circulation and loosen up your muscles too, relaxing your body so you can enjoy life more and most likely have a better night’s sleep as well. Believe it or not there are many proven health benefits of using a Spa. Often compared as similar to hydrotherapy which athletes tend to use in their training schedules, the Spas warm water helps blood vessels to open up, which in turn can reduce blood pressure. There are also theories that Spas can help to regulate medical conditions such as headaches and stress as well as serious muscle disorders. People with arthritis and joint injuries have found that from using a Spa, the water helps to relieve pressure off the problem areas of the body.

Where you should base your Spa

Before purchasing your Spa you’ll need to consider where you will put it. Base it indoors or outdoors but ensure that the surface is level, flat, smooth and free of sharp objects. There should be an adequate drainage system nearby as well as the ground being capable of supporting the maximum load of the filled Spa. Use the included ground cloth to protect the Spa floor and prevent water heat loss.


For information on how to look after your Spa after you’ve bought it, see the Spa product page and the tab labelled as ‘After Care.’