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Party Tents

Before you buy

What uses does a Party Tent have?

Our Airwave® Party Tents create the perfect outdoor area for entertaining and protection from the weather, come rain or shine. They are useful for festivals, garden parties and are also ideal to use regularly at barbecues. With our wide variety of sizes and colours available, you can choose the most suitable dependent on your needs and how much space there is. Why not use as a beer tent to store your beverages or as a play area for children to keep them in the shade so they have reduced risk of over-exposure to the sun. Easy to collapse and transport, you can even take a Party Tent to the park with you.

What are you using the Party Tent for?

Count up how many people will be using the Party Tent to ensure you’ve got the correct size for your gathering. Nothing is worse than being all crammed in on a humid day or leaving a few people out in the rain!

How much space do you have?

Measure the area you are wishing to place your Party Tent so your facilities aren’t too busy. The smallest size is suitable as a hang out area for cosier gatherings and the largest size is great for a bigger party. Choose an area of flat ground so your Party Tent will stand straight and if you wish to place it on decking, see if you have the correct accessories to secure on this type of surface such as Leg Weights.

Plan view of Party Tent 3x3 with furniturePlan view of Party Tent 4x3 with furniturePlan view of Party Tent 6x3 with furniturePlan view of Party Tent 9x3 with furniture

Where are your access areas?

Ensure you aren’t going to block off a fire escape or entrance where people will need to come through. The easiest way to do this is to take a tape measure, measure out where your Party Tent sides would come out to and mark out the middle of the Party Tent, taking a good look around to see if there’s anything that hinders your privacy or your enjoyment.

Where will it be stored?

Try not to leave your Party Tent up for long periods if you aren't using it so it stays in good condition. Simply collapse it correctly as per the product instructions so it’s compact enough to keep in your shed, garage or store room.

How to style your Party Tent

Pick the colour which matches your party theme! These party tents are a blank canvas just waiting to be decorated. So once you’re all set up, personalise with accessories such as pretty garden lights and temporary furniture for your guests.