Pop up gazebos


Battle of the Garden Shelters

With a wide selection of garden shelters available in various shapes and sizes, you may be wondering which one to choose. While some will have clear differences, such as a parasol being perfect for outdoor seating areas, many may appear at a glance to serve the same purpose, such as a pop up gazebo and party tent. We’ll talk you through the differences to allow you to make an informed choice between the two for your next garden gathering. – – The Assembly Process The main difference between a pop... Read More


How to Inspect Your Pop Up Gazebo

Along with the correct pop up gazebo care, you should also inspect it regularly to check for any signs of wear or damage. This especially important to do before using your gazebo as even a slight tear could be worsened by it being erected. By regularly inspecting your pop up gazebo, you can catch any faults early enough to repair them, ensuring that it continues to serve as a reliable shelter for many years to come. You’ll also have confidence knowing that when you need it, your gazebo will be... Read More


Are Gazebos Waterproof?

For most of us, the word “gazebo” conjures up images of temporary garden structures that have a roof but no sides. That’s a reasonable definition for practical purposes but it isn’t entirely accurate. According to many encyclopaedias and dictionaries, a gazebo is hard to distinguish from a pavilion, kiosk, alhambra, belvedere, folly, gloriette, pergola or rotunda, or even an alcove, casino or bandstand. Early examples were often intended to be permanent, so were built of brick, stone or timber.  – – While some were free-standing, many were lean-tos attached to... Read More