Garden storage


Garden Storage Additions with Style

Storage is a must all over the home, but in the garden, it is especially important. This is because it keeps any furniture, tools and outdoor play equipment away from getting damaged by the weather when they aren’t in use. However, not all storage will be suffiencient as some may not provide adequate protection while others may just look ghastly. This will cause them to detract from the beauty of your outdoor space. Here at Garden Comforts, we have designed a selection of garden storage that is not only functional,... Read More

Deweeding garden 12/01/2021

Give Your Garden a Makeover for 2021

Last year we saw a rise in gardening and people finding fun and creative ways to improve their outdoor spaces. With the increase in time that we have had to spend at home, it’s no wonder that people have taken to making their gardens a haven for their fresh air fix. Over winter, gardening and use of the garden has taken a back seat; however, now that it’s the New Year, we think it’s time to give your garden a fresh, 2021 look and feel. With some planning and preparation... Read More