Garden Party Ideas: How to Decorate a Pop up Gazebo

The guests are invited, the food and drinks are organised, you’ve got your pop up gazebo ready to set up and now you’re just waiting for the day of your garden party to arrive. With all this spare time, it’s only natural to start thinking about taking your garden party to that next level with unique ideas and amazing decorations.

A pop up gazebo is a must-have garden party accessory, but how can you make it a bit more exciting? We’ve come up with 7 unique and fun ideas for how to decorate a pop up gazebo that are sure to make it your guests’ favourite hangout spot.

Shake Things up with a Drinks Station

Want to actually enjoy your garden party and not spend all day running in and out to keep everyone’s drink refilled? Setting up a drinks station in your pop up gazebo is the perfect solution! Giving your pop up gazebo that extra purpose whilst also lightening your hosting workload, it’s the ideal way to decorate your gazebo.

Simply set up a table and fill it with different fruits, spirits, and soft drinks for mixing. Set out glasses, straws, and stirrers and leave the rest to your guests – they’ll love making their own cocktails and trying new concoctions throughout the evening. Set up a separate mocktail station so little ones and non-drinkers don’t miss out on the fun. 

two glasses cheersing

A De-light-ful Atmosphere

Although this might not be the most out-there idea, it’s certainly the most vital. Depending on the type of ambience you’re going for, your outdoor lighting can have a huge influence on the mood. If you’re hoping for a relaxed atmosphere, go for some simple, soft lighting. Hanging on-trend globe lights from your pop up gazebo will radiate a warm glow once the sun sets, setting a casual and mellow tone.

If you’re aiming for a more upbeat vibe, some funky LED light up furniture is sure to take your party up a gear. The changing colours will look amazing inside your gazebo and, combined with a speaker, it’s sure to become the residential dance floor when the mood livens up later in the evening.

globe lights in tree

Village Fête Vibes

Worried about your guests running out of conversation? Or little ones running amok, causing havoc? Turn your pop up gazebo into a fun games area inspired by the traditional village summer fête. Set up stations for hook-a-duck, ring toss, skittles, giant jenga, and other fun mini games to keep everyone entertained. Why not have a high score chart on a chalk A-Board by the entrance of the gazebo to spark some healthy competition?

You’ll notice your guests flocking to your pop up gazebo throughout the day with the particularly competitive ones frequently returning to check if they’ve maintained the high score. If you feel like going the extra mile then rewards are always popular amongst guests. Get a pack of sweets or lollipops to reward children or, if your party guests are all adults, buy some cheap mini plastic trophies for the high scorers and have a mini award ceremony in the evening.

Hang up some fringe curtains on one of the canopy walls as a backdrop for a fabulous photo booth style set. Provide a few props and your guests can capture the memory of your party forever in true fête fashion!

two rubber ducks in bowl of water

Get the Par-tea Going

For those who love afternoon tea or Alice in Wonderland, this idea for how to decorate a pop up gazebo will be a firm favourite. Tea parties are a popular theme for daytime garden parties or for children’s birthday parties because of their fun and whimsical tone.

Set up a buffet table with a table cloth and arrange miniature cupcakes, sandwiches, and other snacks on tiered cake stands for an adorable tea party styled buffet. Serve chilled lemonade or cupcakes in tea cups for a quirky addition that’s in keeping with the fanciful theme.

Decorate your pop up gazebo with floral table cloths and pastel coloured bunting for a real tea party atmosphere. A white pop up gazebo is ideal for this theme as it matches the light and airy feel of the event.

tea party buffet table

Don’t Leaf out the Greenery

We know that most of the time a pop up gazebo is more about functionality than style – but that doesn’t mean it can’t look good in your outdoor space. If you love the greenery of nature, you can give your pop up gazebo a more organic look by using flowers and foliage to beautify the shelter.

Adding an extra flair to your pop up gazebo, artificial ivy looks beautiful when hung from the roof and wrapped around the gazebo’s legs. Framing the doorway of the pop up gazebo with ivy will also create a stunning welcome for guests when entering the shelter. Intertwine the ivy with some fairy lights to add an extra bit of magic.

Add plants to the inside of your pop up gazebo to keep the theme consistent, accessorising table tops with potted trailing plants and floral arrangements. An ornamental birdcage decorated with plants will also be a unique and charming addition to your pop up gazebo.

Using clean plant pots to display things for your guests to use – such as straws, cutlery, napkins, and sparklers – will beautifully complement your foliage theme. If you have a particularly big plant pot, you can utilise it as a unique ice bucket to keep bottles chilled for your guests.

ornamental birdcage accessorised with artificial plants

Comfy and Chill

Hoping for a more relaxed event? Move your garden furniture inside your pop up gazebo and fill it with cushions and blankets to create a cosy atmosphere. Stringing some fairy lights around the inside of the tent is also sure to set the tone for which you’re striving.

Having a cosy and intimate outside space sets the perfect scene for you and your guests to spend quality time together as the numbers dwindle later in the evening. When the sun sets and the night time chill arrives, your pop up gazebo acts as a makeshift living room so that your guests won’t be forced to retreat inside.

wooden furniture inside gazebo

Make it Spa-tacular

If you feel like really splashing out to make it a garden party to remember, an inflatable hot tub is a sure way to make an impression. Set up your gazebo around the inflatable hot tub to keep it sheltered from the rain and create some privacy.

If you want to go all out, why not create a tropical paradise themed gazebo with inflatable palm trees and tropical leaf garlands accessorising the shelter. For an extra quirk that guests will love, set up a flamingo garden ornament at the entrance of your gazebo and hang complimentary flower luaus around its neck for your friends to take.

water bubbles

Hopefully our garden party ideas on how to decorate your pop up gazebo have inspired you to bring a fun and unique element to your outdoor do. If you have any of your own ideas on how to decorate a pop up gazebo or if you’ve used it for something fun and quirky at a previous party, we’d love to hear about it in the comments section!

If you still haven’t bought a pop up gazebo, why not take a look through our wide selection. Please get in touch with our friendly and helpful customer service team if you have any questions or you’re unsure which gazebo is best for your event. They’ll be more than happy to go through our models and offer support with any queries that you may have.

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