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Your Guide to a COVID Safe Garden Party

Now that we can have guests in our garden, we can start having small gatherings with our friends in the comfort of our own space. Coronavirus is still very much a danger so we need remain conscientious to prevent it spreading. By remaining vigilant, we can stay safe and reduce the stats even further, leading us back into our normal, sociable, and busy lives. Follow these steps to ensure your garden gatherings remain safe for you and your guests. – – Don’t Go Indoors Yet Due to the current restrictions,... Read More


Swing & Play Set Safety Tips

It’s that time of year again when the weather cheers up, the temperatures rise, and your little one’s outdoor play sets and swings come out of storage. Before you let them enjoy playtime, however, there are some safety checks you should conduct to make sure their fun won’t come to an abrupt end. Without inspecting their play equipment first for any signs of faults, your kids could be at risk of getting hurt. – – Check for Rust Over the winter months, if your child’s play set or swing set... Read More


Your Garden Jobs for April 2021

This month there is plenty to sow, grow, and do in the garden. We can have friends and family in our gardens now, so making sure it is looking its best will help you to feel more relaxed and happier in your outdoor space. Here is a handy list of jobs to work on right now so that your garden can flourish throughout spring and into summer. – – Removing Weeds You may have found that weeds have been sprouting up left, right, and centre since the start of spring.... Read More


Caring For & Storing Your Garden Equipment in Winter

Leaving your gardening equipment out in rain, frost, and snow can cause it to prematurely age, rust, and break. Metal and wooden gardening tools, when left outside can become weaker, causing them to become unsafe to use. The same goes for furniture; it can be weakened if left out in adverse weather for too long. With the proper care and correct storage, you can keep you garden and gardening equipment in tiptop condition for many years to come. – – Clean Your Equipment After Use Once you’ve used your trowel,... Read More


How to Boost Your Mental Health Post Festive Season

Christmas has been and gone and we’re well into January, which may be leaving you feeling deflated. Add these post-festive blues to the lockdown lifestyle and you’ve got a recipe for low mood and energy levels. In these unprecedented times, it is imperative that we take steps to nurture ourselves and our spaces to keep us positive and motivated to continue fighting the virus. Many of us are affected by the changes in seasons, especially when the daylight hours become shorter. This is often due to a lack of vitamin... Read More

Deweeding garden 12/01/2021

Give Your Garden a Makeover for 2021

Last year we saw a rise in gardening and people finding fun and creative ways to improve their outdoor spaces. With the increase in time that we have had to spend at home, it’s no wonder that people have taken to making their gardens a haven for their fresh air fix. Over winter, gardening and use of the garden has taken a back seat; however, now that it’s the New Year, we think it’s time to give your garden a fresh, 2021 look and feel. With some planning and preparation... Read More


Learn to Love Your Garden During Lockdown

Spring has finally sprung! The sun is shining, the grass is green and the flowers are blooming. However, due to the coronavirus lockdown, which the government has signalled will not be lifted until at least into May, we may feel that we are not able to enjoy the warming weather to its full extent.  While it is true that large garden parties, BBQs and beach picnics are off the table for the time being, this does not mean that we cannot enjoy the great outdoors. We just need to be... Read More


7 Affordable Outdoor Shelter Ideas for Keeping Cool

There’s nothing better than a sunny day spent outdoors soaking up the warm rays and breathing in the fresh summer air. But sometimes, when midday hits and the sun becomes a little too much to bear, we need to find somewhere to cool down and have a break from the sun. Instead of having to resort to staying indoors, why not create a shaded area so that you can keep cool whilst still enjoying the freshness of being outside. If you’re thinking about how you can keep shaded in summertime... Read More


Helpful & Easy Spring Gardening Tips for an Excellent Summer

The days are getting longer which means the joys of spring aren’t too far away and we can soon get back in the garden. Spring is an essential season for gardeners with plenty of jobs to get done before the weather gets hot and dry. We’ve put together our top spring gardening tips to make sure your garden looks its best for the summertime, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of your outdoor space whilst sitting back and relaxing in the sunshine. – – Spring Clean The first of our... Read More


6 Autumn Garden Jobs You Need to Do Before Winter

Amongst the miserable days, autumn also brings us some beautiful weather days that are made for spending out in the garden. Crisp fresh air and clear skies make gardening in autumn an experience of which you’ll want to make the most before it starts to get colder and wetter. Autumn is a great season for carrying out some necessary care on your garden, being your opportunity to treat it before temperatures drop and winter damage starts its course. We’ve compiled a list of essential autumn garden jobs that’ll make for... Read More