Using Your Pop Up Gazebo & Parasol During Winter

The weather may not permit it all the time, but you can you still make use of your pop up gazebo or parasol during winter. Whilst windy and rainy days should be avoided, they can be very useful on milder, drizzly days in allowing you to use your garden, despite the less favourable weather. Below are some ways you can use your garden shelter during the colder months, whether that be for DIY or just getting some fresh air. — Create a Sheltered Seating Area On those sunny and slightly... Read More


How to Fit Parasol Weights at Home

With the great British summer underway, many people are looking to get out into their gardens and other outside spaces. Whilst our summers can be unpredictable, there is no denying that when the weather behaves itself, we are lucky enough to get quite a few days of glorious sunshine, which leads many to seek shelter using a parasol or gazebo.  Keeping a parasol or gazebo in place often requires the use of weights. This short guide will take you through the steps involved in fitting parasol weights. How to Fit Weights on... Read More


How to Clean a Parasol Cover

Summer is in full swing! Now is the perfect time to dig your garden furniture out from the shed and enjoy the warm evenings and weekends barbecuing for enough people to fill a party tent or sipping a refreshing Pimms under a 3 x 3 gazebo. – – But what to do if we discover that our parasol or 3 x 3 gazebo cover emerges from its long winter hiatus dirty? Or worse – mouldy? – Getting rid of dust and dirt If your parasol cover has gathered dust from sitting in the shed... Read More