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How to Host the Perfect BBQ Party

Lockdown is lifting more and more as the number of cases drop, meaning that if we continue to be vigilant and stay safe, we can be back to our normal sociable lives in no time. In light of the recent changes to our rules – which allow outdoor gatherings with up to 30 people – we have been thinking about how to host the perfect BBQ. Keep on reading to find out exactly what you can do to make your BBQs spectacular this summer! – – Use a Garden Shelter... Read More


How to Inspect Your Pop Up Gazebo

Along with the correct pop up gazebo care, you should also inspect it regularly to check for any signs of wear or damage. This especially important to do before using your gazebo as even a slight tear could be worsened by it being erected. By regularly inspecting your pop up gazebo, you can catch any faults early enough to repair them, ensuring that it continues to serve as a reliable shelter for many years to come. You’ll also have confidence knowing that when you need it, your gazebo will be... Read More

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How to securely store and protect your gazebos throughout winter

As the nights draw in and the temperature starts to fall, the opportunities for using your gazebo for garden parties are very infrequent. Now is the time to make sure that it is packed away safely so you can use it again next year as soon as the sun comes back out. If it is not looked after carefully, it can be badly damaged over the winter months and you may even end up having to buy a new one in the spring. So, how do you protect a gazebo correctly over the winter?... Read More

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How to Have a Haunting Halloween at Home

Halloween usually consists of trick or treating, fancy dress parties and scary events but this year will be a bit different. With the pandemic some might assume that Halloween has been cancelled, but it hasn’t been. With some clever and creative thinking, you can transform your space into a spooktacular house of horrors that will keep your bubble entertained this spooky season. Our range of pop-up gazebos will provide shelter and a blank canvas for you to go crazy with. You could hang on some of the usual Halloween decorations... Read More

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How to Make Your Pop-Up Gazebo Last

– Pop-up gazebos are temporary shelters, designed for garden and camping use. With the proper care it will not only look great for all of your occasions, but it will also last for many years to come. We’ve put together some tips for you so that you can extend the life of your gazebo and keep using it for as long as possible. – Keep it Secure When using your gazebo, the most important way of ensuring yours and your gazebo’s safety is to make sure it is a secure... Read More


How to protect your outdoor play equipment

This year has been a strange and challenging year for many families. Holidays have been cancelled, schools were temporarily closed and parents and carers found themselves unexpectedly working from home. But for many the one thing that saved summer was the glorious weather, which meant time could be spent outdoors. – – Outdoor play equipment Sales of outdoor furniture and outdoor play equipment saw a huge increase during lockdown. Those who invested in new equipment for their families have already benefited and had great value for money. However, now we... Read More


How to Have A Festival At Home

– This year’s Freedom Festival is set to take place early this September but like many other events, they’ve had to discontinue the event in the city of Hull. Unlike many other events however, they are taking their festival digital meaning that you can enjoy the world-class art and culture performances from the comfort of your own home. From Friday the 4th of September until Sunday the 6th, there will be a curated programme being broadcast by the BBC so that you can have a taste of the fantastic event.... Read More


Plants to Brighten Your Garden Up During Winter

With summer coming to an end and autumn just around the corner, it’s time to start preparing your garden for the colder months. Most people assume that when winter rolls around, all that there is to do is wait until spring but they couldn’t be more wrong. With a clever and strategic selection of flowers that flourish in winter, you can create a masterpiece that will look good right up until when spring rolls round. Before planting these, you should salvage any of your current summer flowers and transfer them... Read More


Make Your Garden a Wildlife Haven

With so much land and wilderness being taken away from our wildlife and used for building, it’s time to use our gardens to give back to nature; this is especially important in an urban society where wildlife would otherwise struggle to survive. There is a range of flowers and plants you can grow, food you can provide, and changes you can make to your garden to attract nature’s most beautiful creatures. Without nature, we wouldn’t be able to survive, so it’s time for us to repay the favour and offer... Read More

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Enjoy your garden all year long with party tents

There’s nothing better than a summertime garden party, but weather forecasts can change in the blink of an eye. What was forecasted as a day spent lounging in the sun may suddenly be ruined by rain. Fortunately, with a party gazebo, you can weatherproof your events and even keep them going all year round. Whatever your plans, we have a party tent for sale to suit all your needs! – – Never worry about the weather again Summer doesn’t always guarantee good weather, but a party tent takes weather conditions... Read More