Choosing between a Gazebo or Pop Up Gazebo

Both a traditional gazebo and our simple to use pop up gazebos are popular additions to gardens and outdoor spaces. Adding one of the garden gazebos from our extensive range gives you shade from the sun, a place to relax, eat or play or entertain guests and shelter from rain and wind. Many people also use their gazebo as a sheltered place to work from home and enjoy the natural surroundings of their garden at the same time. We look at when you should choose one of our traditional garden... Read More


Are Gazebos Waterproof?

For most of us, the word “gazebo” conjures up images of temporary garden structures that have a roof but no sides. That’s a reasonable definition for practical purposes but it isn’t entirely accurate. According to many encyclopaedias and dictionaries, a gazebo is hard to distinguish from a pavilion, kiosk, alhambra, belvedere, folly, gloriette, pergola or rotunda, or even an alcove, casino or bandstand. Early examples were often intended to be permanent, so were built of brick, stone or timber.  – – While some were free-standing, many were lean-tos attached to... Read More


A Guide to Choosing the Right Gazebo

Households are spending more time in their gardens at the moment. With the situation likely to continue for the foreseeable future to a greater or lesser extent, people are understandably looking to make the most of their outside space.  A gazebo for garden use is an ideal addition to your garden or courtyard to provide shade from hot sunshine and protection from unexpected drizzle as well as a place to relax or for children to play. – How do I choose a gazebo? All of our gazebos are water resistant.... Read More


Garden Party Ideas: How to Decorate a Pop up Gazebo

The guests are invited, the food and drinks are organised, you’ve got your pop up gazebo ready to set up and now you’re just waiting for the day of your garden party to arrive. With all this spare time, it’s only natural to start thinking about taking your garden party to that next level with unique ideas and amazing decorations. A pop up gazebo is a must-have garden party accessory, but how can you make it a bit more exciting? We’ve come up with 7 unique and fun ideas for... Read More