Best Practices


Get the Garden Ready for Spring

With spring just around the corner – and garden gatherings are allowed from 29th March – now is the ideal time to start planning your new 2021 garden, ready for decorating and planting when the seasons change. With some tidying, organising, and forward thinking, you could have your dream summer 2021 garden by the end of spring, ready for the family to enjoy and make the most of the good weather. – – Clear Fallen Leaves & Branches With the bad weather we’ve had over the past few months, you... Read More

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Enjoy your garden all year long with party tents

There’s nothing better than a summertime garden party, but weather forecasts can change in the blink of an eye. What was forecasted as a day spent lounging in the sun may suddenly be ruined by rain. Fortunately, with a party gazebo, you can weatherproof your events and even keep them going all year round. Whatever your plans, we have a party tent for sale to suit all your needs! – – Never worry about the weather again Summer doesn’t always guarantee good weather, but a party tent takes weather conditions... Read More


How to Transform Your Garden

– A garden can either be your personal paradise or a hell of unfinished jobs. If you don’t have a green thumb or live and breathe bedding plants and trowels, then it’s probably the latter. We’ve put our heads together and come up with some quick gardening tips and chosen some stylish garden additions to turn your outdoor space from ghastly into gorgeous. – Are Weeds Ruling Your Garden? Weeds are every garden’s worst nightmare. They spread like a virus and damage the ecosystem of your garden by sapping valuable... Read More


Celebrate Parent’s Day in Style… and in the Shade

“Parent’s Day? What’s that?!” – It sounds like a prolonged version of our childhood horror ‘parent’s evening’ where your parents would speak to your teachers and find out exactly how you’ve been doing at school. No need to worry, however, as there won’t be any bad news or bad grades involved here; it’s actually for celebrating both of your parents and showing them what they mean to you. Parent’s Day takes place on Sunday 26th of July and yes, we are still very much following the social distancing guidelines, but that doesn’t... Read More