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Garden Storage Additions with Style

Storage is a must all over the home, but in the garden, it is especially important. This is because it keeps any furniture, tools and outdoor play equipment away from getting damaged by the weather when they aren’t in use. However, not all storage will be suffiencient as some may not provide adequate protection while others may just look ghastly. This will cause them to detract from the beauty of your outdoor space. Here at Garden Comforts, we have designed a selection of garden storage that is not only functional,... Read More


Which Shade Would Be Best?

Does your garden need a bit of shade? Is it hard to escape the sun’s rays while trying to relax outside? With so many different types of parasols and shade sails available on the market it can be confusing trying to pick the right one for you and your space. Not only are there different shade structures, but they also have different designs within those categories making it even harder to pick one. After reading this post you will be able to narrow down your choices and maybe even find... Read More


The History of the Summer Solstice

Before we get into the history of the summer solstice, you may be wondering exactly what it is. Due to the tilt of the Earth’s axis, it angles us perfectly towards the sun that it creates the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. This day is the summer solstice and has been celebrated throughout the world for thousands of years. When we have the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere – usually between the 20th to 24th of June – our southern counterparts have their winter solstice,... Read More


How to Safely Use a Trampoline

Trampolines are a great playtime favourite for most children, getting them out in the fresh air while being active and having fun, but they can pose potential safety risks if used in the wrong way. By taking the correct precautions you can ensure that playtime won’t ever come to a sudden stop. Read this blog post to find out exactly how to keep it safe for anyone using it! – – Trampoline Safety Features Whether you’re looking to get a trampoline or already have one, you should make sure that... Read More


Make the Most of Your Garden Parasol

Your garden parasol will always be there to shelter you no matter if it’s raining or sunny, keeping you cool, shaded, or sheltered from drizzle. Of course, there can be some exceptions to its use (as wind and heavy rain can cause damage) but the harsher weather isn’t nice to be in – even with a shelter – so hopefully this won’t ruin your enjoyment of your garden. With these helpful tips you can make the most of your parasol, keeping it looking and working as good as new for... Read More

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How to Host the Perfect BBQ Party

Lockdown is lifting more and more as the number of cases drop, meaning that if we continue to be vigilant and stay safe, we can be back to our normal sociable lives in no time. In light of the recent changes to our rules – which allow outdoor gatherings with up to 30 people – we have been thinking about how to host the perfect BBQ. Keep on reading to find out exactly what you can do to make your BBQs spectacular this summer! – – Use a Garden Shelter... Read More


Battle of the Garden Shelters

With a wide selection of garden shelters available in various shapes and sizes, you may be wondering which one to choose. While some will have clear differences, such as a parasol being perfect for outdoor seating areas, many may appear at a glance to serve the same purpose, such as a pop up gazebo and party tent. We’ll talk you through the differences to allow you to make an informed choice between the two for your next garden gathering. – – The Assembly Process The main difference between a pop... Read More


Your Guide to a COVID Safe Garden Party

Now that we can have guests in our garden, we can start having small gatherings with our friends in the comfort of our own space. Coronavirus is still very much a danger so we need remain conscientious to prevent it spreading. By remaining vigilant, we can stay safe and reduce the stats even further, leading us back into our normal, sociable, and busy lives. Follow these steps to ensure your garden gatherings remain safe for you and your guests. – – Don’t Go Indoors Yet Due to the current restrictions,... Read More


Swing & Play Set Safety Tips

It’s that time of year again when the weather cheers up, the temperatures rise, and your little one’s outdoor play sets and swings come out of storage. Before you let them enjoy playtime, however, there are some safety checks you should conduct to make sure their fun won’t come to an abrupt end. Without inspecting their play equipment first for any signs of faults, your kids could be at risk of getting hurt. – – Check for Rust Over the winter months, if your child’s play set or swing set... Read More


Your Garden Jobs for April 2021

This month there is plenty to sow, grow, and do in the garden. We can have friends and family in our gardens now, so making sure it is looking its best will help you to feel more relaxed and happier in your outdoor space. Here is a handy list of jobs to work on right now so that your garden can flourish throughout spring and into summer. – – Removing Weeds You may have found that weeds have been sprouting up left, right, and centre since the start of spring.... Read More