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  1. How to fit parasol weights at home

    With the great British summer underway, many people are looking to get out into their gardens and other outside spaces. Whilst our summers can be unpredictable, there is no denying that when the weather behaves itself, we are lucky enough to get quite a few days of glorious sunshine, which leads many to seek shelter using a parasol or gazebo

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  2. How to clean a parasol cover

    Summer is in full swing! Now is the perfect time to dig your garden furniture out from the shed and enjoy the warm evenings and weekends barbecuing for enough people to fill a party tent or sipping a refreshing Pimms under a 3 x 3 gazebo.

    But what to do if we discover that our parasol or 3 x 3 gazebo cover emerges from its long winter hiatus dirty? Or worse - mouldy?

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  3. How to put up a party tent

    With the weather looking up for summer, people's thoughts tend to be drawn to the outside and making the most of our gardens and other outdoor spaces. Having a party tent in your back garden can help you to make use of the space, providing shade when it is too hot as well as protection from the inevitable showers. 

    Despite the name, party tents are great for use even if you are not having a party!

    In this short guide, we're going to take a look at how a party tent can be put up, as well as checking out the difference betwe

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  4. Are gazebos waterproof?

    For most of us, the word “gazebo” conjures up images of temporary garden structures that have a roof but no sides. That’s a reasonable definition for practical purposes but it isn’t entirely accurate.

    According to many encyclopaedias and dictionaries, a gazebo is hard to distinguish from a pavilion, kiosk, alhambra, belvedere, folly, gloriette, pergola or rotunda, or even an alcove, casino or bandstand. Early examples were often intended to be permanent, so were built of brick, stone or timber. 

    While some were free-standing, many were lean-tos attached to a wall and others were constructed on top of roofs. There were square gazebos, round gazebos and

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  5. Learn to love your garden during lockdown

    Spring has finally sprung! The sun is shining, the grass is green and the flowers are blooming. However, due to the coronavirus lockdown, which the government has signalled will not be lifted until at least into May, we may feel that we are not able to enjoy the warming weather to its full extent. 

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  6. A guide to choosing the right gazebo

    Households are spending more time in their gardens at the moment. With the situation likely to continue for the foreseeable future to a greater or lesser extent, people are understandably looking to make the most of their outside space. 

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  7. 7 Affordable Outdoor Shelter Ideas for Keeping Cool

    Keep shaded this summer with our convenient and affordable outdoor shelter ideas. 

    sun and clouds in sky

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  8. Helpful & Easy Spring Gardening Tips for an Excellent Summer

    Get your garden summer-ready with our top spring gardening tips.

    close up of flowers

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  9. How to Easily Create an Eco Friendly Garden

    We've put together our top tips for creating an eco friendly garden so that you can make a difference from the comfort of your own home. 

    hands around heart made of grass

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  10. The Greatest Benefits of a Hot Tub at Home

    Considering bringing the bubbles to your back garden? Take a look through our ultimate list of the greatest benefits of a hot tub at home. 


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