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  1. Keep the Garden Sociable Through Autumn


    The leaves are starting to change colour and the temperatures dropping, autumn is here but this doesn’t mean that we have to retreat indoors just yet! With the right tools, you can continue enjoying your garden throughout autumn and into winter. We’re on hand to provide you with the very best garden additions to keep your garden parties and events going, no matter what the weather decides to throw at you.

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  2. Make the Most of Your Small Garden, Petite Patio or Tiny Terrace

    Small roof terrace

    With some clever planning you can transform your small garden into something really special. They require a lot more thought than a larger space but once you’ve got it looking how you want it, it will be easy to maintain. The smallest changes to your outdoor space can have a huge impact, so don’t overlook updating the little things as they can have a dramatic effect. Our tips below will help you transform your little eyesore into a safe haven with outdoor furniture, garden storage, and clever planting. Not only do these practical and stylish additions make your outdoor space feel like a proper garden, they also help the area to appear bigger and more spacious.

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  3. Composting for Beginners

    Compost Bin

    A compost heap is an essential part of any gardener’s outdoor space. Not only does it help the environment by recycling biodegradable and organic materials, it also helps your wallet by providing free food for your plants. Using compost in your garden provides a better quality of soil for your plants thanks to its naturally broken down and nutritionally-charged elements. All you need to start creating your own compost is time, a dedicated space for it to mature, and a range of natural and food waste such as vegetable peelings, tea bags, and grass cuttings. Our guide below will turn you from a novice into a seasoned composting pro.

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  4. How to Have A Festival At Home

    Festival Atmosphere

    This year’s Freedom Festival is set to take place early this September but like many other events, they’ve had to discontinue the event in the city of Hull. Unlike many other events however, they are taking their festival digital meaning that you can enjoy the world-class art and culture performances from the comfort of your own home. From Friday the 4th of September until Sunday the 6th, there will be a curated programme being broadcast by the BBC so that you can have a taste of the fantastic event. While it isn’t quite the same as being there in the flesh, there are ways that you can bring that festival atmosphere into your home which will add to your experience!

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  5. Football training in your own back garden with an airwave football goal.

    8x4 Football Goal in Field

    Why do I need an airwave football goal?

    Having kids football goals in your garden will keep your children safer by not having to go to play elsewhere. Strict rules on ball games on streets nowadays, combined with the inherent risks of road traffic have restricted where and how often children can improve their football skills. One really affordable option is to get your family an airwave football goal to enjoy whilst smaller local leagues are still shut down due to government restrictions.

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  6. 5 Uses for Gazebos That Are Outside the Norm

    Gazebo Banner

    Gazebos are great shelters for parties and events, but they can be used for much more than just a shelter to keep guests dry or shaded. Why keep yours locked away in storage collecting dust when you can use it every weekend, or every day if you feel like it. Below are our top 5 out of the ordinary uses for your gazebo.

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  7. What size gazebo should I buy - a 2x2 or 3x6 gazebo?

    Gazebos are a deservedly popular way of creating your ideal outdoor space. The right gazebo can help you make the most of any outdoor space, whether you have a small courtyard or large garden.

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  8. Plants to Brighten Your Garden Up During Winter

    Winter Gardening


    With summer coming to an end and autumn just around the corner, it’s time to start preparing your garden for the colder months. Most people assume that when winter rolls around, all that there is to do is wait until spring but they couldn’t be more wrong. With a clever and strategic selection of flowers that flourish in winter, you can create a masterpiece that will look good right up until when spring rolls round. Before planting these, you should salvage any of your current summer flowers and transfer them indoors. A planter or plant stand would be perfect for this and would also look amazing in your home or garden.

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  9. Make Your Garden a Wildlife Haven


    With so much land and wilderness being taken away from our wildlife and used for building, it’s time to use our gardens to give back to nature; this is especially important in an urban society where wildlife would otherwise struggle to survive. There is a range of flowers and plants you can grow, food you can provide, and changes you can make to your garden to attract nature’s most beautiful creatures. Without nature, we wouldn’t be able to survive, so it’s time for us to repay the favour and offer nature a helping hand.

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  10. Enjoy your garden all year long with party tents.

    There’s nothing better than a summertime garden party, but weather forecasts can change in the blink of an eye. What was forecasted as a day spent lounging in the sun may suddenly be ruined by rain. Fortunately, with a party gazebo, you can weatherproof your events and even keep them going all year round. Whatever your plans, we have a party tent for sale to suit all your needs!

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