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  1. Is a garden gazebo suitable for your party?

    Are you thinking about hosting a garden party but worried about the winter weather? A garden gazebo could be the perfect solution! An Airwave pop-up gazebo offers excellent shelter from unpredictable winter rain, winds and cold, and allows your guests to admire the outdoors if your event happens to fall on a beautiful sunny day.

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  2. Christmas Gifts for 2020 from Garden Comforts

    Christmas Gift Guide banner

    It’s nearly that time of year again! Christmas is almost here and we’re all starting to feel the pressure of trying to find the perfect gifts for our loved ones. Luckily for you, you’ve managed to find this post with some of the best gifts money can buy for gardening enthusiasts and playful children. Keep reading below for some suggestions that we think you’ll agree with.

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  3. How to securely store and protect your gazebos throughout winter

    As the nights draw in and the temperature starts to fall, the opportunities for using your gazebo for garden parties are very infrequent. Now is the time to make sure that it is packed away safely so you can use it again next year as soon as the sun comes back out.

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  4. Gardening Jobs for November

    Gardening November Jobs

    Winter will soon be here but the garden jobs are never finished. November is the last month that you can utilise to get your garden ready for the frost a snow before the weather really turns. We’ve put three of, in our opinion, the most important jobs that you need to do in your garden before winter hits.

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  5. How to Have a Haunting Halloween at Home

    Halloween decorations

    Halloween usually consists of trick or treating, fancy dress parties and scary events but this year will be a bit different. With the pandemic some might assume that Halloween has been cancelled, but it hasn’t been. With some clever and creative thinking, you can transform your space into a spooktacular house of horrors that will keep your bubble entertained this spooky season. Our range of pop-up gazebos will provide shelter and a blank canvas for you to go crazy with. You could hang on some of the usual Halloween decorations or go all out with DIY decorations that you and your family have made.

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  6. Football Practice During COVID-19

    Goal net on grass

    Coronavirus has bought all of our lives to somewhat of a standstill, preventing us from doing the things we love just in case we catch it and pass it on. It doesn’t have to be this way; we just need to change and adapt to the times, making sure that we continue to do the things we love while still taking the necessary precautions to stop the spread of COVID. For all of you football lovers out there this may mean that your practice has been cancelled and you haven’t been able to play, but just because you can’t gather in a mass group to practice it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t fit in some practice where and when you can. Our Airwave Strike Football Goals are perfect for training, offering you a target for shot practice as well as a tool for just messing around with others in your household.

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  7. How to Make Your Pop-Up Gazebo Last

    pop-up gazebo

    Pop-up gazebos are temporary shelters, designed for garden and camping use. With the proper care it will not only look great for all of your occasions, but it will also last for many years to come. We’ve put together some tips for you so that you can extend the life of your gazebo and keep using it for as long as possible.

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  8. How to protect your outdoor play equipment

    This year has been a strange and challenging year for many families. Holidays have been cancelled, schools were temporarily closed and parents and carers found themselves unexpectedly working from home. But for many the one thing that saved summer was the glorious weather, which meant time could be spent outdoors.

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  9. Preparing & Tidying Your Garden for Autumn & Winter


    The leaves are falling nearly as fast as the temperature, the clouds are staring to gather and your garden needs tidying before winter sets in. It’s important to get your garden sorted in time because you won’t want to do it in the freezing cold and it’ll end up being an eyesore until spring rolls around again. From harvesting your plants to storage for your tools, there is plenty for you to prepare and do to keep yourself busy, all of which will prepare your garden for the frost and snow.

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  10. Keep the Garden Sociable Through Autumn


    The leaves are starting to change colour and the temperatures dropping, autumn is here but this doesn’t mean that we have to retreat indoors just yet! With the right tools, you can continue enjoying your garden throughout autumn and into winter. We’re on hand to provide you with the very best garden additions to keep your garden parties and events going, no matter what the weather decides to throw at you.

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