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Artificial Grass Hanging Topiary Ball, Grey

Artificial Grass Hanging Topiary Ball, Grey

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Artificial Grass Hanging Topiary Ball

Artificial Grass Hanging Topiary Ball

Artificial Eucalyptus Hanging Topiary Ball

Traditional and classic, this artificial eucalyptus topiary ball has a fresh and natural look that is sure to spark a trend amongst neighbouring houses. 

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Artificial Eucalyptus Hanging Topiary Ball

Key Features:

  • Artificial eucalyptus hanging topiary ball
  • Traditional green eucalyptus leaves
  • Includes steel chain
  • UV protected to prevent sun fade
  • Can be placed in a plant pot or hung up using its chain
  • 30cm diameter
  • Frost resistant so cold weather won’t be a problem
  • Weather-resistant for al fresco durability
  • Hypoallergenic – ideal for sufferers of hay fever
  • Arrives fully assembled

Who said plants are only for the garden? Bring some greenery to your front door with this gorgeous artificial eucalyptus topiary ball. Full and voluminous, this topiary ball is a realistic and high quality artificial plant that looks just like the real thing, minus the hassle.

Popular as an easier alternative to maintaining a real topiary ball, this low maintenance artificial hanging ball won’t need pruning, watering, or repotting. Ideal for those with limited time and minimal horticultural skills, this topiary ball gives you the aesthetic benefits of having beautiful greenery in your outdoor space but without the upkeep.

This beautiful artificial topiary ball can be hung up all year round with UV protection and frost resistance. Including a steel chain, this artificial plant can either be hung up or simply placed in a plant pot.


Style Tip: Why not pair this artificial topiary ball with our matching artificial topiary tree for a coordinated look.


Care advice: To clean this artificial topiary ball, use a paintbrush to lightly brush away dust. To clean any stubborn grime or dirt, wipe it down with a wet cloth soaked in warm water. Please ensure no chemical cleaning solution is used as it could cause discolouration.

After cleaning, gently dry your plant to avoid breakage and to remove the shiny finish, keeping your artificial plant looking natural and realistic.

Material: Plastic

Diameter: 30cm

Packaging dimensions: 31 x 31 x 30cm

Net weight: 0.7kg

Gross weight: 1.43kg