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Airwave Aruba Filter Cartridge

Remove dirt and grime from your Airwave Aruba inflatable hot tub with this premium filter cartridge.

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Key Features

    • Filter cartridge for use with the Airwave inflatable hot tub range
    • Keeps your water safe and clean by filtering out unwanted grime and dirt
    • Helps to optimise pump performance and maintain its lifespan
    • Protects pump and heater from damage caused by dirt
    • Can be cleaned and reused
    • Made from top quality materials


Keep your Airwave Aruba inflatable spa fresh and clean with this specially designed filter cartridge. Ensuring that you enjoy optimum performance from your hot tub, the filter removes unwanted particles and contaminants from the water including dirt and oils. The filter can be easily removed, cleaned, and then placed back into your hot tub.


Check the filter cartridge daily and clean as necessary. We recommend replacing the cartridges at least once per month dependant on spa usage. This filter have been made specifically for Airwave hot tubs; therefore we cannot guarantee compatibility with models from other brands.

Material – PVC, paper

Dimensions – H22 x D11cm

Colour – White, blue