About Us

Our Story

Over ten years ago, two brothers from Suffolk who adored the great outdoors wanted to spark that same passion in others. Confident in their devotion and determination, the brothers started a small business together specialising in outdoor equipment. Following its success, they decided to branch out into other outdoor products and established the Garden & Camping brand.

Now focusing on providing products to help you turn your garden into your own personal haven, we’ve come a long way from the small family run business that we once were. Despite the changes and challenges we’ve experienced along the way, that original passion for the outdoors lives on and we’re proud to now have our own trademark ‘Airwave’ ranges in pop up gazebos, party tents, and outdoor play.


Our Goal

Always on the lookout for new products, our main aim is to inspire, motivating you to turn your garden space into what you’ve always imagined. The demands of daily life can make it easy to forget the dream you once had for your garden; we’re here to reignite that dream and make it a reality.

We truly believe that a garden should be cherished as a space to create memories with your loved ones. We’re proud to be a part of creating a space where you’ll experience those precious moments, whether it’s hosting a family BBQ, watching your children enjoy the sunshine, relaxing with a partner or even just taking some alone time to reflect after a long day.


Our Promise

Although inspiring our customers is our passion, we know that quality and price is at the forefront of our customer’s needs. Our buying team works closely with our manufacturers, day in and day out, continuously improving and perfecting our products. We always source our high quality products by importing the products directly from manufacturers instead of using wholesalers. Doing this means that we’re able to sell our products at affordable and competitive prices and pass the savings onto our customers. We’ll always ensure that we offer our products at a great price without compromising on the quality.

It’s not just our passion that makes us stand out amongst other online retailers; we understand the importance of the journey that our customers go through with us. This is why we have a friendly and dedicated customer service team on hand to support you before, during, and after your purchase.

Keep a look out for our sister companies' brand new website which offers an expansive range of electric vehicles for you to buy directly or from local stockists.